Khalkhal township

This city with 3980 square km area and 86731 population is located on the south of Ardabil province and 134 km away from the center and is located at the side of important Sarcham road. Khalkhal was famous to Hiro Abad until 1979. The city is 1843 meter higher than sea level and its weather on east and on Talesh altitudes are cold and on north, south and west is mild and pleasant

historical attractions

Khalkhal museum, Nasr bathroom belonging to Qajar era,  Abdolgani Razagi Jameh mosque on Khams village ,two historical bathroom in Kloor city , Historical residentials of Nasiri and Salehi , Seyed Danial Imam Zadeh ,Khanegah Sadat village , Kamareh khoni of Khojin village , Kalar village Imam Zadeh ,Imamzadeh Al-e- Hashemin in  central sector , Kolor Imamzadeh Abdullah , Gilvan adobe castle , Daive Kandy village tomb of Shikh Kashf Odin  Ansari , Imam Zadeh Seyed Ahmad Meraji in Sefid Ab village , Shekh Mohammad Goreishi in Hasht jeen , Giz and Oghlan castle (girl and boy ) in Nimhil village , Kafi castle of  Andabib , solar calendar of Terazoj village , king abbas  caravansary of Chenarlig , Historical bathroom,of Doro village

Natural and tourism attractions

Beautiful jungle of mountain pass of Khalkhal to Asalem , sample tourism area of Almas mountain pass sample tourist area of Aznnav, sample tourist area of klor Imam Zadeh Abdullah , beautiful road of  Shahrood to Khalkhal,  Jalal Abad Ice cave

(natural and national monument) , Mir Adil  spring , Andalib tourist destination village , Nareh Gar waterfall of Osbu village , Sefid Ab waterfall of  Loard village , Sanjen waterfall of   Kolor city , beautiful gardens and orchards of Shahrood ,and natural spa of Shahrood village , Nimhil village orchards , Brandag tourism destination village , Kazaj tourism destination village , Khojin  tourism destination village , Andalib tourism destination village ,

Majolan tourism destination village, Agdag mountain protected area, Gezel Ozan river bank , Gezel Ozan ,Shahrood , Sangrood , Arpachay , Hiro Abad rivers and the most  waterful river of Ardabil district is Garasoo.

man – mad attractions

Khalkhal roof tourism complex, shad brothers ecotourism complex, Eram , Chamran and Ellar Baghi parks , Abdullah kolor Imamzadeh tourism area , Dams of laleh Park and klor city Sejan , Pir Tagi suspension bridge , Befrajed khanegah Dam , Calendar building of Trazoj village , kazej stepped village with upper and lower houses.

Khalkhal city has exhibition and handicraft center and jajim weaving is the main handicraft , has national mark of geography of Gelim weaving , rug waving , socks weaving ,shawl weaving Giveh weaving( a kind of shoes) , local and traditional cloths and also traditional woven products  are among handicrafts of this province


Klor Zarrin Shahr bread , Nezic bread of khlkhal city , BalaBatmaz sweet , Gelep bread sugar bread , Jajim , walnut  , honey , Gelim , shawl , and woolen socks are among Khalkhal presents

Accommodation centers:

Shad brothers ecotourism complex, as one of the biggest ecotourism of the country on  Aznave tourist area , alongside with 3 Hotels

One hostel and   ۳ apartment hotels are among the accommodation centers of Khalkhal and also there are two

Service centers on this county