Kosar township

This city with an area of   ۱۲۴۵ square kilometer and 20 thousand population and 1500 meter above sea level is located between Ardabil and Khalkhal on the south of the province . and its administrative center

is Givi garden city , Givi city is situated

۸۵ km away from Ardabil, and is composed of two  separated district of upper and lower Givies , It has  Mountainous cold weather in winter and pleasant cool weather in other seasons of the year.

Baghroo and Gildagh mountains have surrounded the area

Historical attractions:

The first remains of human tools, belonging to Oldowan in Ardabil province are found at the Gizel Ozan river bank in Firooz Abad of Kosar county, Clay castle in Firooz Abad historical city, Mashkol pulpit belonging to Saljogi era, Firooz bridge, Kool Tapa (ash hill), Galadozi embroidery in upper Givi , stones with hole on them (perforated stones) Rostam rock

Jan agha mosque belonging to Qajar dynasty, Gizkorposi (girl bridge), Zinjer vapir, Arpachai, Caravan Serai and Dash Hamami (bathroom caved on the rock)

Natural attraction

garden city of Givi, tourism destination area of Dash Hamami (bathroom carved on the rock), Givi hot mineral water tourism area Firooz Abad geopark, the ice cave in Howashaneg village lands ,perforated  stones Rostam dashi Rostam’s  stone on northeast of Givi on Aznov mountain ,Sarmastan (Salmastan)altitudes ,Ganjgah seasonal lagoon situated in Ganjgah village ,Mashcol canyon ,Gizel Ozan ,Sangavar chay ,Arpa Chay  rivers , fruit gardens and magical autumn of Kosar county are natural attractions of Kosar