Germi township

Germi township(Moghan) with  ۱۷۲۵ square Km and 56473 population regarding geographical position is located on northeast of Ardabil  and 1100 meter altitude from sea level this county stands on 120 Km away from Ardabil,55 Km from Bilasavar and 97 km from Parsabad, Its weather is hot in summer and other seasons mild and pleasant.

The district is one of the most ancient

Residencial areas of Azerbaijan and on Parthian empire era was on the peak of prosperity and splendor and on other periods of history has also strategic importance

Historical attractions

Location of Germi on the old route of Mianeh -Ardabil to the states situated on the north of Aras river caused to build different establishments existence of more than 30 historical castles such as Iny Galasi in a village called Iny, Gezil Gaya Galasi ( means: golden rock castle) on Gozloo village, Div Galasi ( monster castle) and Galal Bashi in Germi, historical city of Barzand on Gala Barzand village, Oglan and Gizel castle in Domoli village, and Boyok (big) castle in Dash Zeiva village. Fireplaces, Imamzades, tombs and mausoleums of famous people and historical heroes of Moghan are among other historical attractions of the district.

 Mohammad ibn-e- Mohammad Hanafieh one of the offspring of an Imam in Gala Barzand , Agamir Aziz tomb in Germee , Mir Sadat Khan grave in Gozloo , and Rahimkhan in Barzand solaleh hill , shah Tapasi (kings hill) , kharman shikhlar hill in Moran village , and  historical  houses of Germi , manorial property collection of  Vakili dynasty in upper and lower village on Moran district , and historical and natural caves , grave stones , memorial  stones (steles ) and remains of water mills on  Alayleh , Abazaliloo , Gozloo ,omastan , Daryaman , and Ramazanloo are among other  tourism attraction of the area

Natural attractions

Gilarloo Dam tourism area, boarder line road Salavat and Khorosloo mountain range, green and untouched river banks of seasonal and permanent rivers of Gara Soo, Bolgar chay , Sari Gamish ,Ojarli Chay

Sambor Chay ,Barzand Chay , Germi chay , Dash Dibi, rivers , Shalaleh canyon tourist area , (Abshar canyon ) waterfall Ini sofla

(lower) tourist area , Dayerman Darasi ,Nar Darasi (pomegranate canyon) Domoli geopark ,waterfalls on Afche , Salala Pieh Dara , permeyer and Asooran , Gozlo Bireh , Ramazanloo , Alayleh , Iyni and ojag Alazar , Chala Chokhor Gari Geshlagi winter quarters and Domoloo , Gakhanli  Gool Avas lakes , and Aras Golee (pond ) jungle parks of Sarjeh Kalan on Ongut and Irnavash and Kotol , forest cover and traditional structure of villages located on boarder line on Moran sector , natural glaciers of Garagaya and Iny on central sector