Meshkin Shahr township

Meshkin shahr township with a population

More than 180 thousand people located 90 km away from Ardabil and on the north of Sabalan mountain , this town ship covers an area of   ۳۸۲۵  square km and is 1450 meter above sea level. It shares boarder with Sarab on south Germi on north ,

with Ahar on west and with Ardabil on

east and with Azerbaijan republic on northeast.

Sabalan mountain on Moeil stands 16 km

Away on lahrood route 45 km away and is on south east of Meshkin city

 Sabalan range has 3 famous summits

the highest peak is famous to king Savalan and has 4811 meter height and the other two summits are Heram and Kasra.

On the top of the main summit there is a beautiful and amazing lake with eye- catching and crystal clear water

Historical attractions:

Regarding history Meshkinshar with 250

Registered historical sites of ancient and

 Religious holy places is one of the historical counties of Ardabil

Shahar Yeary (ancient city site )historical area which is registered nationally, Shikh Heidar, Gah Gaheh castle ancient castle, historical hand carved caves of Banalar, Historical castle of Onar and Div (monster), Ganli Blagh caravansary, Seyed Soleiman mausoleum, Arshag castle, Emamzadeh Seyed Ebrahim, Ber Ber castle and tens other historical monuments exist on this county