Namin township

Namin township with an area of 1100 square km and more than 60 thousand people is located on east of Ardabil province and 25 km away from center of province and is situated on boarder line of Azerbaijan boarder line. It is 1700 meter above sea level and has a mild weather

proper humidity evaporated from Caspian sea, created a green environment around this county

Historical attractions:

This township has been one of the important Civilization centers before and after Islam. Archaeological excavations on Qaja era headed by French De Morgan brothers. On this area ended to recognition of works and remains of bronze and iron age civilization, on the Chay Goshan river basin.

In addition to the above-mentioned remains of Islamic era, this county has historical house of Mir Kazem Khan Sarem o Sahaneh which is now used as Namin museum, Jameh Mosque of Namin, Sarhang Mosque situated on Talegani street, Mohammadian bathroom on Beheshti street, Pir Badroddin Namin’s tomb, Pir Lang tomb on Nonakaran and historical Hamam  (bathrooms)

of Hour , sola , Nona karan and lower

Khangah , villages , historical bridge of

Sola , holy shrine of seyed Baba khorram

On Anbaran , Baba Roshan tomb on

Khasha Heiran are among historical

Attractions of this county

Natural Attractions

Fandogloo jungle(naturally grown filbert trees) tourism area , cheshmah

Soee hot spring , Garmeh cheshmea ,

Koh sangar natural jungle prospective ,

Breeding and reproduction of gazelle in

Fanduugloo jungle (hazelnut tree jungle),

Mountainous and jungle road of Heiran

Baba Davood rock statue on Anbaran

Shoyhal dara (canyon) green and jungle

Area with remines from shindan castle,

Aladiz Gah tourism area ,Soha jungle lake, Sarband Dam , Sayezchi Dam, Namin chay river

Humam mad attractions

ski slope on grass on Fandogloo ,

and Heiran, tourism, entertainment and accommodation complex of Heiran

Tele cabin( cable car) chamomile flowers park

Handicraft :

Namin township has permanent exhibition

And art gallery of handicraft in Namin and

Anbaran, and its handicrafts are globally

Famous and Anbaran is registered as the

National city of Gelim, and beside these Jajim weaving , masnad weaving, carpet weaving

Varny weaving, enamel-work, leather work

Are handicrafts of this county


Handicrafts such as Gelim, traditional food,

Garden products and medicinal herbs

Accommodation centers:

۲ hotels, 2 ecotourism accommodations, and a number of hostels are among accommodation facilities of Namin county.

also, the county has 3 between the roads service centers.