Nir county

Nir township is located 37 km  away from the province center and on the route of transit road of Ardabil -Tabriz ,it is situated on 1500 meter above sea level and covers 1495 square kilometer and has 5893 population ,on the bases of petroglyphs of Orartoee and vicinity to Sarab and Sabalan mountain and abundance of special rock architecture works is one of the ancient residence of province ,meanwhile the location of detours of historical silk road ,shows the prosperity of township on the past , on historical sources the name of this city has been mentioned as Nariz and Niriz

historical attractions:

historical bridge of Girmizi corpy  (red bridge) shah (king) Abbas caravansary ,Boini Yogon ancient castle on tourism destination of korabbasloo village ,koreim Imamzadeh on a village  with this name .Golestan underground fortress and resorts , ancient caves called Abazar  , Nir museum

Natural and tourism attractions:   

Bolakhlar tourism area, Sabalan tourism area (Borjloo and Geinarja hot springs spa) ,Saggez chi tourism area (hot springs of Isty Soo  and Dipsiz Gool spas Ilanjig Tourism area ,)Golestan tourism area , Gara Shiran tourism destination , area of Yamchi dam aroundings ,Ashagi Sham natural boulevard. Handicrafts:

Gelim weaving, carpet weaving, Jajim weaving, traditional woven products ,local and traditional clothes