Ardabil province with a population of 1. 270. 420.  (۲۰۱۶) and with   ۱۷۹۵۳. Square kilometers, is located on north west of Iran and covered about 1/09   percent of area of Iran. This province from the north ends to Azerbaijan Republic, from the south ends to Zanjan   province from the west ends to western Azerbaijan province, and on the east is neighbor with Gilan province. five cities of this province have common frontier of about 369 kilometers with Azerbaijan republic. This province is composed of 12 township which are as follows: Ardabil, Bilehsavar ,Parsabad, Khalkhal , Sarein ,kosar,Germi ,Meshkin Shahr , Namin, Nir ,Aslandouz And Ongut.

 Because Ardabil province enjoys from suitable climate especially on hot seasons of the year, it is called as summer-quarter of Iran and has rare and unique delicacies on natural, historical, and cultural realm which has made tourism to be one of the main axis of expansion of the province.

world heritage of monastery and tomb of shikh safiaddin Ardabili which is one of the 26th registered historical monuments of Iran on world UNESCO is located in Ardabil and is known as the most important historical monument of the province.

Ardabil province has 2500 recognized monuments and 1150 nationally registered ones. Ardabil province has 15 museums such as:

Chini khaneh (porcelain museum), Archaeology, anthropology, handicrafts martyrs (Shohada) , religious honorable people ,natural history ,history of science and municipal building , these museums are in Ardabil , and some other museums are in other cities such as Meshkin Shahr Germi Khalkhal , Namin and Nir .

besides global cultural heritage of monastery and tomb complex of Shikh Safiaddin Ardabili, there are many other historical sites such as Shahar Yeri (ancient city site ) in Meshkin Shahr and Kanzag in Sarein and shikh Jabraeil tomb complex in Kalkhoran ,Shikh Heidar tom in Meshkin Shahr ,bazar (roofed market) historical

Complex in Ardabil, Oltaan castle in Parsabad, caravansary of shah(king) Abbas in Nir Sarem ossaltaneh house in Namin , Mosques ,castles , bridges , historical houses , and caravansaries , all of them show the historical  importance of this province .

Sabalan mountain mass with 4811 meters height as the 3rd highest summit of Iran is source for hot and cold mineral springs and the lake located on its peak is one of the special attractions of Ardabil .Shirvan Darasi also is located on Ardabil province as the unique  geopark . this province has 110 mineral water springs from which 75 of them are hot water springs and 35 of them are cold water springs.