Aslanduz township

Aslanduz is one of the newly established cities of the province and geographically is a part of north west of Moghan flat ,this beautiful county with an area of 592 square kilometer and more than 32 thousend population has connection from north to Aras river and Azerbaijan republic ,from east to Islam Abad city and Parsabad township ,from south east to Bilesavar  Moghan ,from south to Germi Moghan and from west to  and beside it khomarloo city (Khoda Afarin ) and Kaleibar

Historical attraction:

Naderi hill of Aslanduz ,Aras river bank , Mil-e- Moghan dam ,Moghan deer breading site

Handicraft :

Aslandoz is registered as the national  city of Varney  .,and beside it

different loom woven products are common in this city