Bile Savar county 

This city is on the north of this province and is located 175 km away from Ardabil and on northeast of Ardabil and on a vast fertile plain of Moghan .

Its hieght from the sea level is 90 meters and its weather in summer is hot and on other seasons of the year is mild and moderate. Bileh Savar has 1945 square kilometers area and 51404 population .and because of low height from sea level and good amount of raining

And fertile soil, is considered as one of the main agricultural areas of Iran. Bileh Savar county because of common border line with Azerbaijan republic and having customs office and terminal is the main corridor of entrance of Azeri tourists to Iran. And play a very important role on foreign tourism expansion of Ardabil province.

This area also enjoys from the best pasture for settlement of nomadic people which locally are called Elsevan. they are composed of 32 tribes