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The nature of the four seasons

Ardabil is the capital of history and civilization

The capital of history and civilization


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Ardabil is the tourism capital of ECO member countries

Ardabil is rich in nature, history, culture and diversity of tourism. This province is the land of natural boiling springs. Choose Ardabil and enjoy

The nature of the four seasons of Ardabil

Ardabil, the land of heavenly springs

Suspension bridges

  • Meshkin Shahr Suspension Bridge

  • Hier all-glass suspension bridge

  • Pir Taghi suspension bridge

About Ardabil

Ardabil province with a population of 1,270,420 (year 2015) and an area of ​​۱۷,۹۵۳ square kilometers is located in the northwest of Iran and constitutes about 1.09% of the total area of ​​the country. This province is bordered by the Republic of Azerbaijan from the north, Zanjan province from the south, East Azerbaijan province from the west, and Gilan province from the east. Five cities of this province have a common border with the Republic of Azerbaijan for about 369 kilometers. Ardabil, Bilehsawar, Parsabad, Khalkhal, Sarein, Kausar, Garmi, Meshginshahr, Nemin, Nir, Aslandoz and Angot are the 12 cities of Ardabil province…