Ongut township

Ongut is one of the newly established cities of province and its center is Ongut, this county with more than 20 thousand population and 1048 square KM area from north till north east with Bileh Savar, from north west with Aslandoz township, from west with Kaleibar and Hurand of eastern Azarbaijan provinces, from east with Germi and from south with Meshkin township

Historical attractions:

Oglan (boy) and Giz (girl) castle on Domolee village and Boyok Gala (big castle) on Dash Zeiva village and Anzir castle.

Natural attractions:

Demoli geopark, Chala Chokor water fall, Gari Geshlagi (winter resort) and Domali on the, tourist attraction village of Domoli.


Gelim weaving, Varni weaving, Jajim weaving