Parsabad township

This county is located on the north of Ardabil province and is 233 km away from the center and located on Moghan plain and 20 to 40 meters higher than see level. Parsabad which is considered as the Agricultural hub of the province has 60 km water boarder line (because of Aras river) and 25 km land border line with Azerbaijan republic. Weather is hot on summer and (cold) on winter and on other seasons it is mild and cool.

Two important rivers of parsabad are Aras and Garasoo (Dareh rood) which has special importance on economy and agriculture of the area, are Ardabil province vital arteries

historical attractions

Oltan castle (Galasi)or historical city of Oltan as one of the biggest historical discovered cities ,is main attraction of the city .cultural heritage , tourism ,handicraft ,organization of Ardabil is trying to regester and change this historical area to national site

natural attractions:

Sample tourism area of shahid Gaffari of agro-industry complex of Moghan , Moghan Mil dam ,sample tourism area of Toprag Kandi pound, Aras river Darreh rood river ,fruit gardens of Moghan agro-industry complex tourism destination village of Oltan Chehel Pelleh (40 stairs ),Dost Kandy logan tourism village of Pireivatloo at the side of Aras river with natural and originate jungles are some of natural attractions  of parsabad